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    Introducing DeskCandy

    A simple yet elegant stand for laptops of all shapes and sizes.
    Made from wood, our stands are designed to enhance the
    natural design and esthetics of Apple computers.

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Elevate your work environment.

Because the top surface of this stand sits 5 1/2” above the desk, it provides a great place to store your smaller items underneath. Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse fit perfectly into the open area. If you have a wireless trackpad it will fit nicely behind your keyboard when stowed.

Order $99 $59
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    Make Working Better

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Better working posture.

Posture is often talked about but rarely addressed in a functional way. When it is addressed people get creative to elevate screens of all kinds to create a proper posture which often doesn’t create the best looking work environment. Finding a good stand for screen height that also fits in with its surroundings can be difficult. DeskCandy does not exist to preach about posture but rather provide an elegant solution to help people.

A stand that compliments .

The back angle of the laptop stand lets air flow freely from the computer. This angle also complements the natural position of the screen at near 120º. It makes for an esthetically appealing profile. 

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Order $99 $59  TODAY

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Perfect for all sizes

  • MacBOok Air 13"
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    Support laptops of all sizes.

    Virtually any modern laptop can be supported by our laptop stands. They are extremely strong for their size. Even the heaviest 17 inch laptops are no match for DeskCandy. And while they are built primarily for laptop computers, they can be used to prop up anything you like, maybe your desk speakers and favorite cup of coffee.

  • Macbook Pro 15"
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    The perfect match.

    Perfectly designed to fit with a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina, the DeskCandy becomes a natural extension. The laptop lines up perfectly with the front of the stand while the back feet rest perfectly on the back of the stand.

  • Macbook Pro 17"
    Flip it over get more room.

    The width of the stand is intentionally a bit wider then the 15" MacBook Pro. This detail allows for larger laptops such as the older 17" MacBook Pro to fit on this stand as well. The sides will hang off a little but the feet fit perfectly. Flip it over and it becomes 2 3/4" deeper. That is 31% more depth to accommodate larger laptops.

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Only available in US. International coming this summer.                                                                                 


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